Membership Info

Runners will need to have run a minimum of 3 ultra distance races in a years' time to join the Ultra Madness Clan (races could've been run at any time in your life). Compete against other Ultra Madness competitors.

1st year membership benefits include:
Ultra Madness tri-blend tee.
365 Award (if you have what it takes to run enough to accumulate enough points).
Sort-able leader board, where you can track your progress against other members.
Online database to record and track your challenge progress, yearly elevation challenge.
Add and track your upcoming races to your personal profile.
Race discounts will be coming soon, as our race calendar grows.
Look for the Tree on the race calendar for races that offer discounts.
As the club grows look for more features to come.

First time membership includes soft tri-blend tee shirt
365 Buckle Challenge
Distance Challenge
Elevation Challenge

Before registering please have the names and dates of the 3 ultra's in 365 days that qualifies you ready to input.
*3 ultra's in 365 days could have been any year in the past. You are an Ultra Runner!
Cost: $75


Membership Renewals; HERE<< Existing Member ONLY
$25 for personal challenge
$40 for personal, elevation and distance challenges.

Questions? Please email us at info @


Join the MADNESS: Go long, get dirty, and pound your soles for the most EPIC challenge out there.